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Thank you for visiting the Be On The Safe Side Campaign website. Feel free to post a response to the questions below. You may also add new comments and questions about the campaign or other teen pregnancy prevention related issues.

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Closing Out With Sincere Words 0 0  

The 2007 campaign is officially closing on a high note. The youth and adults who have been involved with Be On The Safe Side this year have been a tremendous support. They have shown commitment to attending meetings, trainings and outreach activities. They have also shown it through their dedication to speaking out and sharing positive messages in the community and through statements they have made about the campaigns positive efforts. We would like to share sincere thoughts expressed by youth who participated in the campaign, parents and service providers. Their comments help to put the campaigns success in the community into perspective.

What has been your experience with the Be On The Safe Side campaign? 0 0  

I had a great time talking with my peers sharing positive messages with people in the community. I learned that I was not only spreading the word, but I was making a difference in my community and I learned a lot about myself. Being a part of the Be On The Safe Side campaign has been an amazing experience. -Janae Bradshaw, Woodrow Wilson SHS

What was your favorite experience with the campaign? 0 0  

My most favorite experience with the campaign was the community forums. It was nice to see parents, youth and leaders in the community come together and discuss issues on teen sexuality. I liked sitting on the panel and conducting interviews at the forum too. It's been a pleasure and growing experience being involved with the campaign. I have learned a lot about the importance of talking about teen sexuality and the consequences of unprotected sex since I started doing community outreach. As a Peer Group Leader I enjoyed participating and I only hope that Be On The Safe Side shall continue so I can be able to rejoin. -Catherine Mithika, Woodrow Wilson SHS

What did you gain from your experience with Be On The Safe Side? 0 0  

The Be On The Safe Side campaign allowed me to meet other young adults who also believe in making a positive difference in our community. The campaign gave me the opportunity to spread and share the message about "safe sex or no sex" with my friends and helped me to be able to talk about it more with my parents. -Alexis Beverly, Calvin Coolidge SHS

What was your experience collaborating with MEE Productions and the Be On The Safe Side campaign in DC? 0 0  

It was an honor and privilege to have collaborated with MEE this past year to positively impact youth in the community on the issues of safe sex and teen pregnancy prevention. There is no doubt in my mind that with campaigns like Be On The Safe Side, MEE is on the cutting edge of empowering adolescents and teens to make better decisions, which will serve them well for the rest of their life. In addition to being a Social Worker, I am also the Ring Announcer for pro boxing in the District, so believe me when I say I've seen my share of battles...and this one being waged by MEE makes true winners of our youth! Keep FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT! -Henry "Dis-com-bob-u-lating" Jones, MSW-LICSW DHS/Teen Parent Assessment Program

How has the campaign created positive, lasting impressions in the community? 0 0  

The Be On The Safe Side campaign has successfully embedded the phrase "Safe Sex or No Sex" in the community. Over the past few years, it seems every young person has heard that phrase and it has become a "go to" phrase. I think the term "Safe Sex or No Sex" has empowered teens to give a clear message about where they stand as it relates to their sexual interaction. -Adria M. Moultrie, DC Public Schools/TANF-New Heights

As a parent/caregiver or service provider, what positive changes have you witnessed in the young people involved with the campaign? 0 0  

This was truly a wonderful experience for my daughter Alexis. She has grown tremendously and she has really experienced a lot with this campaign. She has learned so much about being positive about sexual awareness and making healthy, conscious choices for herself and passing that same message to her friends. -Geneie Beverly, mother of campaign participant and Community Action Team member Alexis Beverly

How has the campaign effected your life? 0 0  

The Be On The Safe Side campaign has changed the way I think and my point of view about teen pregnancy prevention. Until I joined I didn't know or care about the statistics of teen pregnancy. Ever since I've joined, I've been on a mission to lower the statistics. -Lamar Johnson, Woodrow Wilson SHS

What was your experience with the Be On The Safe Side like? 0 0 06/01/2007

My experience with the Be On The Safe Side campaign has been great! Now when my friends ask me questions about STDs and the consequences of unprotected sex, I will be able to give them facts instead of just my opinions. -Lamont Graham, Anacostia SHS

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